Lessons We Can Learn From Flowers

As we prepare to say farewell to 2018, this poem called “Ode to Flowers” by Elizabeth DiMonte resonated with me. I’d like to share it with you today too:

“Oh flowers
Your beauty shines like the sun in the spring;
You remind me of a queen’s crown
With your shiny jeweled petals dancing around the center;
Some petals missing to make your beauty even more unique
When I see you sitting there in the ground I stop to stare,
At the beauty before me that moves with the wind;…”

The poem continues on but I stopped at this line and read it a few more times. “Some petals missing to make your beauty even more unique.” At first, it seems like petals missing would make a flower less beautiful, right?

Working with flowers always seems to remind me that imperfection can still lead to beauty. Of course, I see imperfections all the time as a florist. For example, sometimes I’ll receive floral shipments that contain flowers with stems that are a little more curvy instead of perfectly straight or the petal coloring is not quite what I thought it was going to be, or some blooms are too closed or too open, etc. But I have to remind myself that nature is not perfect. And neither are we as humans. And you know what- that’s what can oftentimes make something ordinary into something extraordinary!

I believe that flowers are amazing storytellers. As seeds, they must push through adversity in the form of DIRT in order to reach the sunlight and grow to become nourished plants. Though many blooms of the same variety may look similar to one another to an untrained eye, as a florist, I see each one for the masterpieces they are as individual flowers. More often than not, I tend to gravitate toward the “imperfect” ones as a way to add character or whimsy to a bouquet or an arrangement. My clients have even told me things like, “Wow, I love the way that stem just curves in it’s own way out to the edge like that- what a unique touch!”

Flowers have taught me more about myself this year than I ever imagined they could. And for that, I am glad. So now, as we prepare for 2019, let’s remember to stop and smell the roses a little bit more this year. And if you can’t get out and smell ‘em, at least take a minute to admire their beauty from afar with your eyes and your heart :)


Lindsey Mueller Photography

Morgan Elliott2 Comments