3 Not-So-Obvious Places Where Flowers are Actually Needed

Hey there, flower friend! Ready to find out where the not-so-obviouse places for flowers have been hiding in plain sight all this time? Let's get to it!



1) The Bathroom

The home of the good ol' porcelain throne. You might think I'm crazy at first. But let's be real- IT. STINKS. IN. THERE! Think about when you visit the restroom of a restaurant that's at least above the level of a fast food joint (excluding Chick-Fil-A...you know they're already on their game with their signature bud vases in every restaurant!) ANYWAY...more likely than not, there's a bud vase or small floral centerpiece in restaurants' restrooms. And you know why? The restaurant owners know that it stinks in there. Plus, flowers help to liven up any space with a punch of color and their fresh, natural scent- including the potty room! Give it a try in your own home and see what you think.

2) The Baby's Nursery

Although I don't personally have children, I do have three dogs. My husband and I have raised two of them since they were 8 week old puppies and let me tell you...we have experienced our fair share of stinky accidents in the house!! Now I only WISH I had begun my floral design business back then to keep the house smelling better with flowers. Ok, back to the human kids now. :) Not only does a nursery floral arrangement celebrate a newborn entering the world, it also keeps the room smelling as good as you've worked so hard to make it look! Come on- I know you moms out there have curated your own nursery Pinterest board ;) If this is your life stage right now, try having some fresh flowers in the nursery and experience the delightful perfume and ambiance they give the room!

3) Your Office Cubicle

How many hours does the average corporate American employee spend staring at a computer screen each day? According to CNN.com, Microsoft.com and the NYtimes.com, Americans are spending anywhere from 7-11 hours per DAY looking at a screen! So wouldn't it be nice to enjoy a beautiful, living desk arrangement when you take those screen breaks during your workday? I sure think so :) Plus, flowers and plants help to remove harmful air pollutants which aid in our air quality. Now that's what I call a win-win! 

So, there you have it! I'd encourage you to try at least one of these this month. And I, of course, would love to help you make it happen :) Please feel free to check out the "Order Flowers" tab on our website if you're interested in freshening up your home or office space!

Sending flower joy,

Morgan Elliott | Wellspring Floral