How I Find Design Inspiration

Recently, I’ve had several people ask me where and/or how I find my design inspiration. I thought, “What better time to write a blog on this topic!” As I sat down to write this post, I landed on four different inspiration “categories” that I’d like to share with you. Enjoy!


The first category that came to my mind was MUSIC. Prior to pursuing a career in floral design, I was a professional violinist and music teacher. Though I no longer teach music and don’t get to play violin quite as often as I used to, music is still a very important element when it comes to finding design inspiration!

For instance, I ALWAYS have music playing in the background of my studio when I am designing. It helps me center my thoughts and focus my mind on the feel of whatever piece I am creating. I’ve even experimented with different musical genres to see how it affects the outcome of my design styles. The short answer is that it definitely does affect the outcome!

If I am going for something more wild and whimsical, I like to listen to folk music. Some of my favorite folk artists right now are bands like “The Head and The Heart”, “Lord Huron” and “Gregory Alan Isokov.”

When I am creating something more delicate or romantic, I love to listen to artists who have more of a jazz or classic sound. People like Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday and Kat Edmonson relax my mind and really allow me to create a softer, classic design look.


The next category of design inspiration is NATURE. I’m not much of a hiker, but I do enjoy driving around and noticing the different colors, shapes and textures of nature! My husband can attest to me saying things like, “Oh! I wish I had my clippers with me so we could pull over and cut some of that wild grass or that tree branch!” I think he has learned to accept that this will almost always be part of our conversations when we are driving somewhere together… ;)

I really believe that floral design is a delicate balance between finding order and highlighting what we see in nature. As a designer, I aim to follow the principles and elements of design yet, allowing myself enough freedom to “break the rules” when I see fit.


The third place where I’ve found some of the most interesting design inspiration is actually from listening to PODCASTS. One of my favorite podcasts at the moment that is tailored specifically to floral designers is called the “Botanical Brouhaha” podcast. Every week or two, they interview a floral designer or a flower farmer who has built a successful business. I’ve learned so much about others’ design processes as well as what brings them their own inspiration through simply listening to these interviews!


Finally, I love to follow other ARTISTS on social media who don’t necessarily work within the flower world but, who are painters, interior designers, bakers, etc. Artistic inspiration can be found across so many different avenues and platforms. In fact, sometimes I feel I find the most inspiration from people who are doing their thing really well but, who are working in a totally different world from flowers!


I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on some of the ways I find my inspiration. If you are an artist or even if you're not, I'd love to hear your thoughts on what inspires YOU! Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts :)


Sending flower joy,

Morgan Elliott | Wellspring Floral