My Flower Care Tips + Tricks

You know you’ve been there. You’re wandering through the floral department at your local grocery store and suddenly you set your eyes on a cute little bouquet of the most cheerful-looking blooms. You decide to purchase the bouquet and bring it home to brighten up your place for that week and it’s going to be amazing!

And it is amazing. For a couple of days. As in TWO days. And then what happens? They’re dead. Those beautiful blooms you just bought are totally wilted and sad. The polar opposite of cheerful. “What a waste!,” you say.

Well keep reading, my friend, for my simple tips + tricks to keep those blooms looking bright and beautiful for more than just two, short days ;)

Marie Holmes & Co. Photography

Marie Holmes & Co. Photography

Tip #1 Process your flowers correctly.

First, you’ll want to make sure you choose a clean vase from your cabinet. It’s not a bad idea to rinse it out with water to get rid of any dust or dirt particles. Especially if it’s been sitting in the back of your kitchen cabinet for a while. Next, fill the vase with lukewarm water. The key here is not to shock the flowers with any extremely hot or cold temperatures. Then, trim each stem on a 45 degree angle using a sharp knife or garden/floral shears. *I would not recommend using a pair of kitchen scissors because they are not sharp enough and may actually squish the stem. Strip off any leaves on the stems that could fall below the water line in the vase to prevent bacteria growth as well.

Tip #2 Place the flowers with purpose.

Once you’ve trimmed each stem on an angle, make sure each flower is a slightly different height. This helps to create some depth and interest within the arrangement and allows the design to look more 3D. Then, quickly place the flowers into the vase. Also, choose a place in your home that is not directly under the air-conditioning vent- flowers do not like drafts. Make sure they are getting enough sunlight but don’t place directly into a window sill.

Tip #3 Change the water every other day.

In my experience, it’s more about the water than anything else. You can use the flower food that comes in the small packets you find at a grocery store. But, even if you don’t use any flower food, keeping the water fresh will help to greatly prolong the life of your blooms! This is because bacteria can form super quickly in water, so keeping the water clean will help to sustain the life of your flowers.

I hope this helps you when you choose to buy flowers for your home in the future! And…if you want to learn even MORE of my tips and tricks, consider joining me at one of my upcoming floral arranging workshops around Austin! My next classes will be May 10th and May 31st at CRAFT in East Austin. I hope to meet you one day soon!

Sending flower joy,


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