Do Flowers Really Matter?

As a florist, this is probably the easiest question I would ever need to answer! OF COURSE THEY MATTER! :)  But for everyone else, well, it may not seem so black and first. Today, I'm going to illustrate the answer to this important question in three different ways.


Do Wedding Flowers Really Matter?

Think back to the most recent wedding you attended...what three things about the event did you notice first or remember the most? If I had to make a guess, I have a hunch that one of those three things would have been the flowers. Am I right? :) When people think of weddings, I think many try to conjure up the most magical, heavenly day as they dream of two people beginning a new chapter in their life story. Now, I realize this may be a little different for women versus men ;) As a woman myself, I remember dreaming of what my bouquet would look like as I carried it down the aisle in one arm with my father holding onto my other arm. I dreamed of walking into my wedding reception and seeing everything come together from the cake, to the table centerpieces, to throwing the bouquet and wondering who might catch it! And, I think a man can think of his wedding day as being filled with bliss and romance, too. From his mother pinning the boutonniere onto the lapel of his jacket, to watching his bride walk toward him down the aisle. 

"But, flowers are soooo expensive," clients may tell me. Well, yes and no. Just as every bride and groom decide on their wedding budget, flowers are just another piece of that pie. To put it rather frankly, the price you pay for your wedding flowers is really up to YOU. Flowers are beautiful no matter if you've budgeted $700 or $7,000 for your wedding day florals! What I do as your wedding florist, is help create that magical, heavenly atmosphere through floral pieces within your budget. And to be honest, working within different budgets with each of my clients is challenging and exciting for me! Every client has a unique style and it is my job to design floral pieces that tell their story.

Also, wedding flowers are allowed to have more than just one performance. It is a common tradition for wedding guests to take home table centerpieces where they can be enjoyed in their own home for several more days. Or, leftover flowers can be donated to hospitals or nursing homes to help brighten patients' days. Another way wedding flowers can be repurposed is at the bride and groom's family brunch the morning after. There are SO many ways for flowers to live on past the wedding day. The best part is that YOU get to be creative and decide how you'd like to use them best!

Do Sympathy Flowers Really Matter?

This one may be obvious to some people and a bit tricky for others. Funerals are expensive and are usually a time filled with sorrow and not much joy. Though some people may choose to forego flowers for a funeral, they are still a common appearance at most celebrations of life. Think about it. The literal category for funeral flowers is called sympathy. Many people can be unsure of what to do or say when a loved one is ill or passes away. Even if you don't know much about flowers, they are still seen as a universal sign of joy, happiness and love.

Flowers themselves are a symbol of our own human lives. We are born, we grow and mature, and we eventually die. Even after flowers have died, we can still remember the joy they provided for the people who were able to experience them and witness their presence with their own eyes.

To put this even more into perspective, my grandfather experienced a stroke three months ago and he lives halfway across the country from me. Though I was unable to visit him while he was in the hospital, I sent him a photo of a floral arrangement I had designed. At that point, he was still unable to speak and had limited mobility but, I was told he smiled when the photo of the flowers was shown to him. Now, that is powerful.

Do "Just Because" Flowers Really Matter?

Being a woman, this one's a piece of cake. DUH! Before I started my career as a florist, my then-boyfriend-now-husband would send or bring me flowers many times...and I LOVED IT. I mean, honestly, what girl doesn't wish her man would come home to her with a dozen roses just because?! To give you a little glimpse into our relationship, we have been married since 2012 but dated long-distance for over two years. One of my favorite memories from when we were dating was when I would receive a dozen (sometimes even two dozen) roses from my love. It would just make my day every single time and I would be giddy and all smiles for the whole rest of the day! Even now, I still love it when he brings flowers home to me :)

And guys, please listen to me and believe me that you are not wasting your money when you decide to bring flowers to your lady! She will love you even more for it and appreciate you thinking of her that day!

So, to answer the million dollar question...YES, flowers do matter! If you were skeptical before reading this post, I hope I've helped to give you a different perspective on various circumstances that relate to flowers. And if you find yourself in need of wedding, sympathy or just because flowers, I would LOVE to speak with you and help you out. Send me a quick email at and I will be in touch with you soon!

Sending lots of flower joy,

Morgan Elliott | Wellspring Floral

*all photos by Morgan Elliott